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Buy Cialis Online

Cialis Super Active

Cialis Super Active is an innovative generic medication developed to treat erectile dysfunction in males. Cialis Super Active is manufactured and distributed by Dharam Distributors.

Cialis Super Active consists of the active ingredient – Tadalafil, which belongs to the drug class of selective PDE 5 inhibitors and other inert components. Cialis Super Active is a generic name of Tadalafil which is the basic chemical substance of the brand Cialis. There are two basic differences between brand Cialis and Cialis Super Active: they have different inactive components and they are differently supplied. Brand Cialis is produced in a dosage form of a tablet, while Cialis Super Active has a capsule form with fast absorption characteristics.

Tadalafil works by making possible penile erection and provides a man with the ability to have sexual intercourse. The formulation of Cialis Super Active has fast appearing effect – within 10 minutes after an oral intake. Still the medication will not provide a man with an erection automatically, he should be sexually aroused.

Cialis Super Active has a super active chemical formulation with the quickest functioning time. Tadalafil improves the situation with penile erections and offers most prolonged time of action up to 50-55 hours as the manufacturer claims.

Cialis Super Active was clinically tested and showed safe and quick absorption characteristics.

Cialis online should be used only after the consultation with a medical professional and only by the patient for whom it is prescribed.

Before starting the treatment with Cialis Super Active visit your doctor and tell him about your symptoms, your concerns and what you wish to receive from the treatment. You should also report to your doctor the information about all other conditions you have, especially if you are diagnosed with:

  • heart disease or heart rhythm problems;
  • a recent heart attack;
  • a history of a stroke, or congestive heart failure;
  • angina (chest pain), high or low blood pressure;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • hemophilia;
  • blood disorders;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • Peyronie’s disease;
  • priapism.

In particular cases Cialis Super Active is not allowed:

  • if you are hypersensitive to the ingredients or have allergic reactions to the medication;
  • if you are a woman;
  • if you are younger than18 years of old;
  • if you are not recommended to have sexual activity due to serious heart disease.

Cialis Super Active has contraindications and may cause adverse reactions in some groups of patients, ask your doctor about them.

Cialis Online (gelatin capsule) should be taken by mouth, one dose – once in 24 hours.  Take the medication only when needed. The formulation of the medication is indifferent to food and drinks (except alcohol).

Store the medication away from heat and moisture, keep away from children.

People about ED drugs

iReview by Matt M

I’m forty five and I have problems with maintaining an erection and ED (erectile dysfunction) . When I note such problem I visited my specialist, he prescribed drug for ED, which was named Cialis online and I feel eighteen again. I have been taking for three weeks – half of a five mg Cialis every other day with, and I have no side effects.  If you are thinking about erectile drugs buy Cialis, don’t hesitate getting it.

I was amazed at what Cialis could do in about an hour. Rocked the wife’s world once again.