Peyronies disease, (the other name -  Induratio Penis Plastica) is a medical condition that leads to penis deformation when  the penis is bent or curved.

The underlying cause of Peyronie’s Disease is a physical trauma or penis injury. The injury often results in appearing of scar tissue, which may occur in the corpora cavernosa of penile tissue. This scarring can cause the penis to bend, or curve and can lead to certain difficulties during sexual intercourse. Sometimes this condition is associated with taking of antihypertensive medications; still this relation is not proven.

Peyronie’s Disease is a rather rare condition still it occurs in 1% of men regardless of age and race. Males having this condition usually require medical and emotional support.

Peyronie’s Disease may be diagnosed by a medical practitioner; usually an urologist puts the final diagnosis.

The symptom of this condition is the deformity of the penis when the penis is erect. When the penis is soft, the problem usually cannot be detected.

In case the condition does not worry a man and brings no pain, doctors usually recommend no treatment. In severe cases the treatment is necessary because males have pain during sexual intercourse; their erections are painful or simply impossible. The treatment options include surgery, vitamin E and medical therapies.

Males with Peyronie’s disease should be administered ED oral Cialis Online therapies with much caution due to the possibility of dangerous side effects developing.